Varsity Girls Basketball pulls out a tough road non-conference win over Farmington 34-33.
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With so much media and information coming at us through the television, phones, social media, and more, it's more important than ever for kids to understand the basics of media literacy. When kids can identify different types of news and media and the methods and meanings behind them, they're on their way to being critical thinkers and smart consumers. Throughout the month, we will be sharing a set of five tips to help your children become critical thinkers of news and media. Here is a short video to get those conversations started!
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Fake News
You still have time to order from the Olympia Store and still get your items delivered before Christmas. Dec. 2nd is the deadline.
New Family Support Resources
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New Resources
Anyone attending the JV and Varsity Boys Basketball games at Clinton on Tuesday Nov. 30th will need to use the following link to purchase your ticket into the games ahead of time. Anyone 65 and older is admitted free.
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Weekly Schedule
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weekly schedule
Olympia West is ready for the Christmas parade!
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Christmas parade
Varsity Boys Basketball pick up their first win of the season at the El Paso Gridley tournament over Roanoke Benson. 57 to 50.
6 days ago, MIKE CASTLEMAN
Help! My Kid Wants to Use Social Media! Get your child -- and yourself -- ready for the next step with these conversation starters.
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Help Post Responsibly
Varsity Girls Basketball picks up a win in their home opener over Athens. 53 - 31. JV Girls pick up the W as well.
9 days ago, MIKE CASTLEMAN
Oly 6th graders completed a STEM project where they researched and created a food truck business. In Math, students created their food truck's menu, researched costs associated with their food options, and budgeted the endeavor from the ground up. In ELA, students chose creative tasks which helped to promote their food truck business. In Science, students designed their food truck-inside and out- from an engineering perspective. In SS, students used census data to determine the best market for their food truck operation. Awesome work, Spartans!
10 days ago, Alyssa Jones
6th Grade
Check out this short video for your elementary kiddos around what a digital footprint really means. We already K-5 students posting and interacting online, so let's start some good habits early!
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Digital Trail
Weekly Schedule
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weekly schedule
The OHS Speech Team placed 5th out of 25 teams in team sweeps today at Richwoods! The team brought home 7 Varsity Finalists and 4 JV. Congrats Spartans!
12 days ago, Ms. Haines
The Olympia High School Speech Team
Social media offers a chance to choose how we present ourselves to the world. We can snap and share a pic in the moment or carefully stage photos and select only the ones we think are best. Listen as students reflect on how this impacts their lives.
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Who are you?
Video: Lots of students are exploring and developing their own identities, and they often do this online and on social media. Some kids use multiple accounts, each for a different audience, but with this, what’s real and what’s unrealistic can often get blurred. In this video, your kids can hear other teens talk about the ins and outs of presenting themselves to others online, and consider what it means to “be yourself” in digital spaces.
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Who are you online?
The Olympia Spartan Gear store is now open 365 days a year. Use code spirit21 to get 25% for the first four weeks.
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Olympia Clothing store
Olympia Middle and High School Angel Tree sign-up deadline is November 17th. Angel Tree is sponsored by the Olympia Spartan Promise Council. Parents check your email for details. Questions contact Olympia Family Coordinator,
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Olympia Middle and High School Angel Tree 2021
Today's Activities
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daily schedule
Forming an identity is a big part of being a middle schooler. Most students are working it out through experimentation, with plenty of awkward missteps and mistakes along the way. It's a normal, natural part of growing up. But in the age of social media, this part of adolescence can be tough -- both for kids to navigate and for adults to understand. New social media platforms come and go, often with features designed to captivate young users right in the midst of figuring out just who they are. Read more about how teachers use classroom lessons to teach about online identity:
16 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Who are you online?