Community Service Requirement at OHS

SERVICE LEARNING REQUIREMENT Students are required to complete 40 service-learning hours (10 hours per year).  Class of 2019 must complete 10, Class of 2020 must complete 20, Class of 2021 must complete 30.  Class of 22 will complete 40 by graduation.

At the end of each academic year, it is the responsibility of the student to document and submit his/her hours.  Below are potential services/learning options for students looking for ideas to fulfill their service learning requirement for graduation. The list is not all-inclusive. Students with plans not listed should seek approval from the counselor or principal. Activities should be completed for an individual outside the immediate family and must be done without pay in order to meet service learning guidelines.

School – work at school functions, tutoring, etc. • Church – choir, volunteer for Sunday school, help at dinners, mission trips, etc. • Neighbors – rake yards, mow lawns, shovel snow, baby-sit, pick up groceries, water & feed pets, wash windows • Visit and Volunteer at the Nursing Home/Volunteer at community events. • Students completing service hours for another school group may also use those hours toward their service learning graduation requirement.

Help students to brainstorm possible ideas?  There is also a board outside the Counseling office for additional ideas.  Students need to document hours on the following sheet.

Forms available on the website:

Community Service Document