And The New Year Begins...

New teachers and their mentors met with administration to kick off the 2018-19 school year today.  New teachers were given a chance to learn about Olympia's policies and procedures, as well as the traditions and spirit of the Olympia community.  Many of the mentors and administration team shared connections with Olympia that run deeper than just the position they currently hold.  The New Teacher Workshop is a great way for those new to our District to get acclimated and begin to see the wonderful things that Olympia offers its students and staff.  Olympia truly is a great place to work, learn, and grow!  We would like to welcome each of our new teachers to the District and wish them a very successful school year!

New Teachers for the 2018-19 school year:

Eric Lyons- OHS Driver's Education/PE

Brian Hyland- OHS School Counselor

Matt Modrusic- OHS Social Studies

Cody Hendricks- OHS Social Studies

James Ward- OHS Business/Career Skills

Cody Kennedy- OHS Math

Kyle Ruppert- OMS 6th Grade

Tyler Sargent- OMS PE

Aly Corcoran- OMS 8th Grade

Cheri Crebo- OMS Special Education

Jessica Clarke- OWE 1st Grade

Micah Birky- OWE 2nd Grade

Samantha Nelson- OSE Special Education

Ryan Ferguson- OSE 5th Grade