Fire Info

There are a lot of rumors still circulating around the fire, the damage,  and the timelines for re-entry into the building.  The list below includes what we currently know as of Tuesday, April 18th. 

  • The fire started on a solar panel but was contained to the roof.  The fire never entered the building but rather was extinguished before that could happen. 
  • There is water damage to the gym floor and to the HVAC units that support the gym.  
  • The remainder of the building was only exposed to smoke - there is no additional structural damage.  
  • Currently, we are waiting on several specialists that will survey the building technology, kitchen appliances, and classrooms.  The assessment from these individuals will inform the cleaning that needs to occur within each space and/or to each piece of technology  / appliance.  We will also need all ducts cleaned prior to classroom cleaning. 
  •  We know we will not be able to utilize the gym for the remainder of the year.  We are hopeful once all of the assessments of the building (and contents of the building) have been completed, we will have a more detailed timeline for re-entry for students. 
  • We have secured outside locations for some year- end events in case alternative venues are needed.   However, we are hopeful (and optimistic) that we will be back in the building in the next few weeks. 

Thank you.