by Ben Lee

On behalf of Olympia Middle School staff I would like to welcome all of the parents and students back for another exciting school year. The Olympia School District represents eight communities in five different counties and encompasses 377 square miles. Olympia Middle School is located at the OHMS campus in rural Stanford. OMS serves approximately 425 students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade.

Students at OMS are provided the widest range of learning experiences that we can possibly offer and we continuously strive to improve student learning. Our desire is for students to demonstrate an ownership of their learning. Students problem solve, question, investigate and make decisions using various learning strategies to deepen their understanding. The Olympia Middle School curriculum offers the core subjects of Math, Social Studies, English 1 (Reading focus), English 2 (Language Arts focus), Science as well as a diverse offering of Encore courses. The Encore courses that the students can take advantage of by grade level are as follows:

6th Grade: Art and Technology or Band

7th Grade: Art and Technology or Band and/or Chorus

8th Grade: Art, Technology, or Band and/or Chorus

Additionally, students are enrolled in Physical Education five days a week.

Olympia Middle School is on a 9 Period Day and during 8th and 9th Period students are enrolled in 12-week enrichment or intervention courses. Each Core class as well as the Encore classes offer enrichment opportunities for the students to deepen their learning. Each class during 8th and 9th Period is 25 minutes long and students rotate classes every 12 weeks. If students require Math or Reading Interventions, they receive these services during 8th and 9th Period.

The OMS staff is committed to providing a high quality education to all of our students. If you have any questions please contact me as soon as possible by calling Olympia Middle School at (309)379-5941 extension 8010 or emailing me at benjamin.lee@olympia.org.

Yours in Education,

Ben Lee

OMS Principal