Additional Information about Skills Based Reporting

There are several places where you can find more information relating to Skills Based Reporting, however much of what is available online is found under a search of Standards Based Grading.  The general idea of Skills Based Reporting is similar to Standards Based Grading, but in a Skills Based Reporting environment we are teaching our students skills that are essential to be able to be successful with their next steps.  Our teachers have identified the skills based on what they teach as opposed to taking pre-designed standards that students work towards.  

Two experts in the field that have done a lot of research into this topic are Dr. Thomas Guskey and Rick Wormeli. 

The Association for School Curriculum and Development (ASCD) published an article titled “Seven Reasons for Standards Based Grading” that was written by Patricia L. Scriffiny.  A search on Google will give you the full text of the article, which is an excellent resource for the thought behind utilizing skills based reporting.

If you prefer watching videos, complete a search on Google for “Rick Wormeli Standards Based Grading” and you will find videos about the following topics: the 100 point scale vs. a 4 point scale, late work policies and procedures, and reassessment procedures.

We also encourage all parents to get in contact with their child’s teachers for any clarification about classroom practices in relation to skills based reporting.