How will parents truly know what each skill measures

All teachers have developed a document breaking each skill down in two ways; what students need to know and what students need to be able to do in order to show understanding of each skill.  These tables are available on the OMS website and it is suggested that when report cards come out, parents and students review these while looking at the performance level that is reported on the report card.  This will provide parents an excellent opportunity to talk to their student about what they are learning in class and will have specific examples of what the teachers are doing in each class.  Below is an example of an 8th Grade Science breakdown for the skill Develop and Use Models:

 Skill: Develop and Use Models


What students should know:

What students should be able to do:


  • -Describe atomic particles and the differences between each
  • -Model how atoms bond to form compounds and molecules
  • -Model the effects of a chemical reaction on various substances



  • -Describe how humans create materials that impact society from natural resources/elements
  • -Use a model to show the Law of Conservation of Mass in a chemical reaction
  • -Use a model that shows how temperature affects substances