The meaning of a 4, 3, 2, or a 1





Advanced Skill Demonstration

The student demonstrates a complete and in-depth mastery of the content and is able to apply the knowledge and skills to additional areas of learning.


Skill Attainment

The student demonstrates an understanding of content.


Approaching Skill Attainment

The student is beginning to demonstrate a basic understanding of the required skills and concepts.


Beginning Skill Attainment

The student does not demonstrate progress towards meeting the expectations of required content.

 Student Friendly Descriptors

4- I understand the information and can explain it to others

 3- I understand the information

 2- I need some help, but with help, I am able to show I understand it

 1-I need a lot of help from my teacher to understand the information

 To provide an example, let’s examine one of the report card skills for 8th Grade Social Studies: “Analyze connections among events through history”.  When teaching students how to analyze connections among events, the 8th Grade Social Studies teacher will teach the students the important concept of precedent in the United States.  (Precedent is using previous events to make a decision on an event that is currently going on)  On an assessment the student is asked to explain the importance and implications of a Supreme Court ruling.  Below are examples of suitable responses for each performance level:

 4- The student can accurately explain the importance of the ruling, the implication of the decision, and how it can impact the future.  The student also explains previous Supreme Court rulings and how the court used these when coming to this decision.  The student correctly uses examples of cases from previous class periods that has impacted the current case that the student is being assessed on.

 3- The student accurately explains the importance and implications of the Supreme Court ruling.

 2- The student identifies some of the key concepts of the ruling, but fails to mention future implications of the ruling.

 1-The student is unable to explain the importance or the implication of the Supreme Court ruling.